• moved inaugurate install & freckles directory from ~/.local/ to ~/.local/share which means a reinstall will be necessary
  • changed frecklecutable format for specifying args, so existing frecklecutables need to be adapted

0.5.5 (2018-03-29)

  • hotfix release

0.5.4 (2018-03-07)

  • fixes and improvements for running freckles inside a Docker container (including a helper script, ‘frocker’)
  • added more templating options for frecklecutables (ansible default filters, and ‘tasks’ can now be templated as string)
  • added more roles to default repo, fixes for current ones

0.5.3 (2018-02-19)

  • added ‘freckle_profile_active’ to ‘global’ keywords, to disable auto-execution of a profile in freckelize
  • updated development dependencies
  • added a few more default roles (esp. freckles-io.webserver)

0.5.2 (2018-02-02)

  • added get_url and unarchive modules to the list of Ansible modules that can act as package managers
  • improved installation of Oracle Java via its role, can take vars now
  • adding ‘–host’ option to freckelize and frecklecute, enabling remote execution without having to have freckles install on the target host

0.5.1 (2018-01-30)

  • added support for nodejs via nvm/npm
  • minor bug fixes

0.5.0 (2018-01-23)

  • actually, screw it. this is worth a new number further to the left

0.4.6 (2018-01-23)

  • blueprint feature, freckelize can now use templates and doesn’t need pre-existing data
  • improvements to freckelize, can take extra variables via commandline now
  • added ‘inaugurate’ and ‘frankentree’ scripts to freckles package
  • added ‘frkl’ abbreviation, points to the ‘freckles-io’ github account

0.4.5 (2017-12-07)

  • refactored freckelize: checkout phase is now a separate run, which enables:
  • auto-detecting freckle repo profile(s)
  • minor bug fixes and improvements

0.4.4 (2017-11-04)

  • changed frecklecutable Jinja2 markers to be ‘{{::’, ‘::]]’, ‘{%::’ and ‘::%}’

0.4.3 (20017-10-30)

  • Added ‘ansible-tasks’ adapter
  • Improved ‘change-freckles-version’ frecklecutable, allows to use current git master, as well as a local source folder
  • Fixed several issues with adding extra repos
  • Updated ansible to, also updated other dependencies
  • Updated mac-os-x-cli-tools & homebrew roles

0.4.2 (2017-10-22)

  • Added options ‘change-freckles-version’ to frecklecutable: allow local folder, or ‘git’ for git master branch
  • Make sure ‘python-apt’ is installed if on platform with ‘apt’ package manager

0.4.1 (2017-10-19)

  • Renamed default frecklecutables using more specific names (so they can be better used as ‘standalone’ scripts if in PATH)

0.4.0 (2017-10-18)

  • First public release on PyPI.